Sunny Nash


​​Harvard Copyright Law Certificate, Harvard Law​

​Honors Diploma
, Media Law, London School of Journalism, London, England ​

Strategic Communications​, Harvard School of Business​​​

Distinguished Graduate, Bachelor of Arts: School of Journalism & Broadcast News, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

​​Specialization, Adjunct Professors, Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communications, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona

​Climate Reporting, Center for Climate Change Communication, ​George Mason University, Fairfax County, Virginia​

Intellectual Property Law, World Intellectual Property Organization, ​Geneva, Switzerland​​

Cultural Journalism 
Certificate, British Council, United Kingdom
Human Rights​​, United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva, Switzerland

Certificate, Humanitarian Law for Media, Global Human Rights Education & Training Centre, Geneva, Switzerland​


Educational Technology, Distinguished Post-baccalaureate Award, University of California, San Diego​​

Executive MBA, Solar Micro-Grid Technology, Mahesh Bhave, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, Kerala, India​

​​FEMA Certified Youth Emergency 
Technology Preparedness​ 

Clinical Research Data Management Certification​​, Harvard Medical School

​​Digital & Visual Information Literacy Certificate, Simmons Graduate School of Library & Information Science, Boston, Massachusetts
Media and Information Literacy, Athabasca University, Media & Information Literacy Certificate, Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada & United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization​

​​UCAR Certified Meteorologist Program​, 
​University Corporation for Atmospheric Research​, Boulder, Colorado
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CULTURAL STUDIES

Oral History Technique, Law, & Technology, Science History Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

​Constitution Studies, James Madison University,​​ Harrisonburg, Virginia​

​​​​Protecting Our Legacies
, California Indian Museum & Cultural Center, Santa Rosa, California

​​Archaeological Interpretation & Museum Studies, U.S. Department of the Interior​, Washington, D.C.

FEMA Certified ​Historical Preservation​​

​FEMA Certified Indigenous & Community Relations​


Human Rights, Diplomacy, United Nations, ​New York; Geneva, Switzerland 

​​International Certificate, ​​Intellectual Property Law, World Intellectual Property Organization ​(WIPO Academy), Geneva, Switzerland

International Law, United Nations Institute for Training & Research, ​Geneva, Switzerland
​​​​STEM Education & Certifications
STEM, Educating Global Citizens, ​Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, Massachusetts

STEM  ​Distinguished Post-baccalaureate Award, University of California, San Diego​​​

FEMA Certified Emergency Communications
FEMA Certified ​Multi-hazard Planning for Children
FEMA Certified Youth Emergency Preparedness​
FEMA Certified ​Historical Preservation

Bigmama Didn't Shop at Woolworth's